WATCH | 'Panel beaters used police van for illegal dumping'

A man wearing blue overalls is seen dumping rubbis

Mpumalanga police have raised concerns over a video making rounds on social media showing a police van dumping rubbish at an illegal dumping site in Middelburg.

The van is reported to have been outsourced to a private company after it was involved in an accident.

In the video, a man wearing blue overalls can be seen taking out white boards and papers, shoving them with a broom in what looks like a makeshift dumping site.
Mpumalanga police spokesman, Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said two police vehicles were outsourced to a private company on 18 September after they were involved in an accident.

He said after a video emerged police started to investigate the matter.
watch the video below:

"The state garage outsourced the vehicle to the private company as is a normal practice. It was then used by people from the private company to dump litter as seen on the video," he said.

Hlathi further said when the video came to light, police speedily investigated the matter and discovered that the vehicle was allegedly used unlawfully or without consent.

"It is against this background that the police registered a case docket of using a vehicle without the owner’s consent. The vehicle has since been fixed and was returned to the to the state-owned garage," he said.

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