Watch: A heavily pregnant Bontle Modisille - "I'll Dance all the way to the Labour Ward"

Choreographer, Bontle Modiselle, says she'll keep on voshoing and pouncing cat moves all the way to the labour ward!

A heavily pregnant Bontle broke it down at YFM's Womyn 2 Womyn event at Sandton City, Johannesburg, on Saturday afternoon.

The Mama Afrika's fitness class brought all kinds of women together to empower and inspire each other through dancing.“It is the nature of Africans to dance and sing through life. I will do it all, all the way into that labour ward,” she jokingly said in a tweet.

While she loved every moment of her dance fitness class, the socials were left amazed and motivated by her energy.

She managed to pull such moves while being heavily pregnant.She also received some love from celebs who were in awe of her dedicated spirit.

watch the video below:

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