How did Robert Mugabe die? Mnangagwa explains the details

Robert Mugabe’s cause of death revealed as treatment “stopped working”

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has finally explained what killed Robert Mugabe, as doctors increasingly ran out of ways to treat him.

The former President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe passed away at the beginning of September. Initially, the cause of his death remained a tightly-guarded secret – as did most of his treatment in the five-star hospital based in Singapore. However, his successor has confirmed what many already suspected.

How did Robert Mugabe die?
According to the Zimbabwean head of state, Mugabe died following a long battle with cancer. It’s understood that he was suffering from prostate cancer – a rumour which was first shared by WikiLeaks in 2011.

Mnangagwa did not detail the specifics, but he did reveal that “Uncle Bob” had stopped responding to chemotherapy treatment, essentially putting him on borrowed time. The form of cancer he had ended up with then spread to the rest of his body, the 77-year-old revealed.

Zimbabwe: The cause of Robert Mugabe’s death “was cancer”
It is also believed that Mugabe’s age was deemed a factor by the medical practitioners. At 95, his body had become frail and weary, making the fight against cancer more insurmountable. Mnangagwa was quoted as saying that regular treatments “weren’t helping anymore”, and that they couldn’t do anything for the one-time authoritarian leader.
His stay at the Gleneagles lodge was estimated to have cost R80 000 a night, and his medical bills were propped-up by the government of Zimbabwe. Amid the backdrop of a doctor’s strike in his home country, Robert Mugabe opted to prolong his life with regular visits to Singapore – bringing wife Grace along with him.

Several memorials and funeral services have been held for Mugabe, but his body will only be buried once a state mausoleum is constructed. He has temporarily been laid to rest at one of his mansions in Harare.

Mnangagwa explains the details

Mnangagwa had planned to visit Mugabe at the end of August, but ultimately failed to fulfil his promise. After attending the Tokyo International Conference on African Development, the president never got to make the trip to Singapore as planned. Mugabe passed away on Friday 6 September.

His retirement had been a leisurely one. He spent a bit of time campaigning for Zanu PF in the 2018 Elections, ensuring that his successor would get the chance to follow in his footsteps. However, trips to Singapore – purely for medical reasons – became more frequent: Before his death, his last visit spanned three months.

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