actress hopes to educate budding p0rn stars - Photo by The Sun  ~ 

Alejandra Omana Ruiz hopes to educate budding porn stars by developing their careers with her P0rn University.

According to The Sun the first school of the pornographic industry offers 'live practices' with Amaranta professing the best way to learn how to do something is to do it yourself.

A seasoned professional, Amaranta reportedly films racy scenes with up to 12 people in a day and hopes to pass on practical tips in resilience and motivation in her x-rated lectures, as well as show them how to enjoy their work.

Specialised classes reportedly on offer at the University of Porn'What matters in an erection, natural chemical and mechanical erections''Being a p0rn actress in a macho society''How to project your image: what kind of p0rn actress am I?''Spotting false and abusive producers''How to make a profit''How to make the perfect p0rn scene'Amaranta was inspired after speaking to several people who weren't in the industry about their desire to get a taste of the sexier side of life.

She said, "the idea came after receiving several messages daily from people who confessed to me being tired of their work routine, and their desire to become p0rn stars or enter the business."

-the sun

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