Watch: Probe launched after cop pins down 'drunk' driver to draw blood

Johannesburg MMC for public safety Michael Sun is investigating an incident which involves cop attempting to draw blood from a woman suspected of drunk driving.

The City of Johannesburg has launched a probe after a video showing police officers restraining a woman who is apparently suspected of drunk driving surfaced yesterday on social media.

In the two-minute-and-twenty second video clip, which was posted by crime media personality Yusuf Abramjee on Twitter, the woman can be heard wailing while a male traffic officer tries to restrain her.

A female officer is heard saying kwala molomo oo (close that mouth), while another woman, who appears to be a nurse prepares to draw blood.

The video appears to have been shot through the window of container office of Douglasdale police station, where motorists arrested for drunk driving are processed and have their blood drawn.

watch the video below:

click here to watch the video>>

In the media statement released last night, the City of Johannesburg MMC for public safety Michael Sun threatens action against officers if they are found to have done anything wrong.

"I have noted with concern a video circulating on social media of a woman being  restrained by Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department officer while another person, purported to be a nurse, appears to prepare to draw blood from the resident.

"The individual had allegedly failed a breathalyzer test necessitating JMPD to arrest and take her to the Douglasdale police station, north of Johannesburg, for further processing.

"It is critical to note that the law does permit a police officer to physically restrain a person who refuses to provide a blood sample for law enforcement purposes.

"The city, on noting this incident, has already commenced an internal investigation into the events leading up to the incident as well as to determine whether the appropriate use of force was used by law enforcement officials.

"If anyone is found guilty of any wrongdoing, they will face appropriate and swift disciplinary action," added Sun.

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