5 Photos of Zodwa Wabantu 'Nak3d' that will leave your head spinning

When you think Zodwa Wabantu can’t possibly push the naked envelope further, she rocks up at the Durban July wearing an outfit that shows off just about everything. And the tiny bits that weren’t on display were barely covered.

Not one to give a damn about nudity (she was made famous for her panty-less dancing, after all), Zodwa’s July outfit is really nothing new.

One look at her Instagram page and you’ll find yourself ogling pictures of booty, thigh, bust and a lot of saucy dance moves.

Love or hate her, her more than 800k followers agree on one thing: She sure ain’t body conscious. She has put on weight (and lost it), she admits. And so? So what.

Here are five pics of Zodwa showing off her goods and Mzansi loving it.
see the pics below:

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