WATCH: Julius Malema breathes fire after wife was told to remove her artificial nails if she wanted to vote

EFF leader Julus Malema was angry at an IEC staff member for telling his wife to "remove her nail" before she could vote.

Malema said when he heard that, he confronted the IEC staff member.

"I found it bizarre and i asked her where is it written in the rules where its written that women with long nails can't vote," said Malema.

Only then the IEC staff allowed her to vote.

Malema said it's nonsensical because next time they will ask women to remove weaves that that they can see they are the ones on the IDs.
[MUST WATCH]: CIC @Julius_S_Malema addressing the issue of an IEC staff member with a scissor to remove Women's nails.

"We can't have such a patriarchal arrangement happening at IEC."

He said the IEC staff member had a pair of scissors which she gives to women to take their fake nails out before they could vote.

Malema voted with his wife Mantwa at Mponegele Primary School in Seshego outside Polokwane.

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