Watch: From DJ Shimza to Papa Penny

President Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC dominated Twitter's trends list as the party hosted a "Siyabonga" gathering on Sunday outside Luthuli House in Johannesburg to thank their supporters for giving them another chance at governing SA.

Hashtags #PhakamaRamaphosa ("Rise, Ramaphosa") and #ThankYouSA flooded Twitter as party loyalists and leaders weighed in on the party's win.

Ramaphosa promised that the ANC would deliver according to the needs of the people and expressed gratitude for the "return" of the North West and Gauteng to the party.

"Even though we had our challenges in North West, they are back. All our eight provinces - even Gauteng - they are back home, into the fold of the African National Congress," he said.

From Ramaphosa's speech to DJ Shimza on the decks, here are five moments from the event:

1. DJ Shimza

3. Papa Penny's performance

4. Ramaphosa's spheech

5. Crowed sings 'Phakama Ramaphosa'

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