Mopani worms makes 4-5 two times bigger

Mopani worms consumption can make your 4-5 bigger.
A group of scientist found that Mopane worms can make your male part much bigger.
Those who grew up eating Mopane worms are more likely to have an above average penis size.
Vhavenda tribe used to encourage their young boys to consume a lot of Mopani worms for the same reason.

Tudor Parfitt a Professor of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London once said on one of his lectures that ancient Venda people in South Africa and Zimbabwe used Mopani worms mixed with other herbs to make their male part bigger.

Parfitt never included the theory in any of his writings and it was never confirmed.
Now a group of scientists from Saint Petersburg State University, Russia are claiming that Mopane worms are the holy grail of penis size.

They claim that if you consume Mopane worms from an early age your male part can be two times bigger than what it was meant to be.

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