A GRIEVING hubby suffered a horrible humiliation when his father-in-law dragged him to the cop shop, claiming his giant 4-5 had been the cause of his daughter’s recent death.

According to Coconuts, a woman named only as Jumantri (23) from East Java, Indonesia was discovered lifeless in her bed by her dad Nedi (55) on the morning of 25 February.

Officials ruled at the time that Jumantri had tragically died from an epileptic fit she had in the night.

She had suffered from epilepsy since she was 14.

But two weeks later, Nedi suddenly became convinced by rumours simmering in the village that Jumantri had actually died after being poked by hubby Barash’s monster 4-5.

It is unclear who had started the rumour, but an angry Nedi accused Barsah of killing his daughter with his massive 4-5, an accusation that Barsha angrily denied.

Nedi went as far as dragging Barsha to the cops, insisting that he show them his 4-5 to disprove the theory that he had poked Jumantri to death.

He was accompanied by a crowd of family members and officials from the village as witnesses.

On Tuesday, Police Crime Investigation Unit Head Riyanto told Detik: “After seeing directly the genitalia that was thought to be oversized, it turned out to be of the standard Asian size.

“So right there and then the father-in-law dropped the report against Barsah and they apologised to each other.”

Nedi says the family is now sure that Jumantri died from epilepsy, as first concluded.

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