Slim Sophie Ndaba reveals her weight -loss secrets and this.....

Slim and sexy Sophie Ndaba is looking mighty fine these days and we’re loving it! She shares the secrets of her weight loss

“Instead of sugar I now take sweeteners in my tea, it’s amazing how much cutting down your sugar intake can make a difference in your diet,”.

“I’ve been on diets for years, everyone knows that; they’ve called it a cabbage diet, a soup diet, but my diet now is simply eating healthily, creating a new lifestyle and I’ve proved it without dieting.

“I’m just a happy person because I didn’t need to go on diet, I just created a new healthy lifestyle.”

Sophie has also cleared the air about rumours that surfaced claiming that she was a Herbalife ambassador

“It all started after I visited Herbalife with a client of mine in my capacity as a wedding planner. Staff who recognised me asked for pictures‚ which were uploaded to their Facebook profiles creating a perception that I was there for my own weight-loss journey. But Herbalife has nothing to do with me losing weight.

 “This perception is completely disheartening to me because I am a type-2 Diabetic and people living with diabetes view me as a role model‚ and it is very important for people not to align this perception with me.”

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