pics: Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane Builds P10m million Clinic In Mmopane & a High school and this is not trending bcz it's not a miracle

The Zion Christian Church better known as ZCC (Naledi) has built a P10 million clinic for residents of Mmopane Block 1 and near-by villages. The clinic is named after the church's Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane's grandmother Mahlaku Lekganyane. 

According to Lekganyane, his grandmother was a loving woman who was given wisdom by God that her children needed more than bread to live. He said Mahlaku had six children whom she taught to live a Christian life. 

“My grandmother was also a loving person. She taught her children to love other people.  She believed in the word kamoka, where she believed that good things could be achieved when people unite and work together as one. She had a sense of community. The Republic of Botswana and South Africa are one today henceforth,” he said. 

Accepting the church’s good deed, the Minister of Health and Wellness Dorcas Makgato, said the donation of the clinic could not have come at any better as the government was engaged in coming up with strategies aimed at improving healthcare. She added that their healthcare system had over the years grown from strength to strength with primary healthcare as its cornerstone. She said in pursuit of quality and safe healthcare services, the government has invested in major health infrastructure. Makgato further explained that they built healthcare facilities that deliver healthcare services at different level of care. She added that those developments ensured that healthcare services were within reach of their communities. 

“The process of establishing this clinic started in October 2015 and it has been achieved today with the help of our Public Private Partnership from Kganya Botswana, a product of the ZCC. I am reliably informed that Kganya Botswana has spent over P9 million to erect this clinic,” she said.

She said  since Mmopane Block 1 had estimated population of 40,655, it was imperative that its community members have access to medical services. She said they could have built a clinic in the area back in 2010, but due to financial constraints, their goals ran futile till the church came to their rescue. 

The Mahlaku Lekganyane Clinic has 21 rooms which include the reception area, screening room, consultation and observation rooms, child welfare room, restroom for health officers, pharmacy and laundry room. The clinic will be opened for eight hours. 

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