Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe accused of defending his son for murder of Thoriso Themane - is this the untouchable cop mentioned in a video? #JusticeForThoriso

Angry South Africans have taken to social media to demand justice for Thoriso after Thoriso was murdered by a gang of teenagers who took videos of the incident.

Another user took to social media to expose Colonel Moathse Ngoepe who happens to be the SAPS spokesperson in Limpopo saying that the top cop is defending his son for the murder of Thoriso Themane. The social media user even shared screenshots to prove his accusations, after seeing the post one can only assume that when one of the gang members who killed Thoriso said his father is untouchable and that's why he is happy he killed a human beinghe  was referring to Moatshe Ngoepe when he said his father can't be touched.

Watch the video below to see the gangster boy admit to killing Thoriso and bragging about his father being untouchable:

Below check screenshots shared by the facebook user who took it upon himself to let the general public know just who is this untouchable father who is so untouchable that his son feels good after killing a fellow human being in cold blood. 

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