TEACHER Samkelisiwe Mgabhi (30) claims she’s not been paid since taking up a post at a school in January, and now she has been told to leave!

Samkelisiwe filled a post at Wesselsnek Combined School in Ladysmith, KZN, of a teacher who is on sick leave.

She was excited when the school called her to offer her the job as she had been sitting at home for five years after leaving another school because it was far away.

But on 1 March, the principal told her she must leave the school immediately.

“He didn’t give me a reason for chasing me away,” she said.

“I asked him how I’ll get my salary for the months I worked there, but he failed to answer me.”

She said as the principal didn’t explain why he chased her away, she will keep the work she’s done, which includes pupils’ term marks.

“I want to see where they get the marks, especially for grade 12 pupils.”

Principal Lucky Mbonani said they asked her to leave as the department had not approved her application.

“We stopped her from working because if the department ends up not hiring her, the school has to pay.

“I submitted her documents to the district office, but the process takes a long time. I don’t want her to work many months without being paid.”

He said when schools opened, they will meet the SGB and agree on how much she will be paid.

KZN education spokesman Kwazi Mthethwa said as the teacher didn’t receive an appointment letter from the department, they don’t recognise her as a department employee.

He said the principal needed to sort out their agreement.

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