Bolobedu Music Masters and Molobedu wa Bolobedu Mr Boti Xikiripoto want THOBELA FM to bring back Kwenisto and take station manger to jail

SABC employee Kwenisto Makgakga, baswa le bokamoso energetic presenter on Thobela FM Radio station's contact was terminated.
This is after 3 months of investigations by SABC.
The problem started after the people of south Africa fainted the whole of 2018 with the hope that King Monada Malwedhe song will be the song of the year to end 2018 with.
Many Thobela FM listeners were shocked when Skeleton move of master KG was played as the song of the year and Rephela wayawaya being number three while Malwedhe was nominated number two.
People started complaining about the issue and that forced SABC to Suspend their employee.
After the investigations by SABC it was revealed that indeed Thobela FM Presenter Kwenisto Makgakga tampered with the people's votes , king Monada, Malwedhe song was actually number one not number two.
For that reason he was then fired.
Kwenisto was one of the best presenter employed by SABC Since 2013 to 2019 and he motivated many young people by his talent know as minister of young people .
According to the presenter: he thank the SABC for giving him opportunity, he will always love, and appreciate.
Even though he feels like his dreams died a premature death.
But he is so grateful for the service he gave the people of south Africa.
Makgakga is now ready to answer any questions regarding what really happened on the 31st of December 2018, he respected the contract he had with SABC that's why he was not able to answer all people's questions but now since he is fired, he will explain to his followers the whole story.
He add by saying i am not dead is just that i joined millions of Unemployed people in South Africa
Also SABC Mpho Momuda who was dealing with Kwenisto's case just resigned after the case was rested.
What a loss to young people.

Boti Xikiripoto known as Lucky Machethe said:
Man Not Guilty.

THOBELA fm please bring back our man(Kwenisto) and take the station manager to jail she is corrupted.

KWENISTO made BOLOBEDU music Famous on National Radio station Thobela fm.

Remember we were not recognised.He forced our music in and gave several Bolobedu artists opportunity which was denied by our fellow brothers from BOLOBEDU can't name them cause you know them.

Even though he never pushed my music i salute him for giving Bolobedu youth that opportunity to shine nationally.The likes of King,Double Trouble,Makwale le Marothi,Dr Rakzen,DJ Lenzo just to name few they got more airplay on Thobela fm because of this young man.

For 2018/2019 cross over song issue he was instructed by his employer to do the job and he did it because it was his job description.All of us we know MALWEDHE was a big song last year.

BALOBEDU lets find a place in our hearts and forgive this young,black and gifted boy.He didn't have choice but to do the job discrimination

Kwenisto boy i wish all the people were in my shoes.If you can get another opportunity please don't risk with it.Push your talent boy we are with you..

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