WATCH VIDEO: Bushiri's diss track goes viral after Bushiri got arrested by the Hawks

WATCH VIDEO: Bushiri's diss track goes viral after 

Bushiri got arrested

Love him or hate him Prophet Bushiri is a news maker.
AND now people are making hits about his arrest. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was arrested by the hawks on
Friday and ever since, Mzansi’s social media has been set alight with memes and songs about his arrest. And one question that was one everyone’s minds was finally asked by marketing guru, Khaya Dlanga.
As always, Bushiri’s followers were on hand to defend their “Papa” claiming that he had actually prophesied his arrest.

Watch video below:

Some people took it a step further though, they released songs celebrating the Prophet’s arrest.
The video of the late Mpharanyana's song with the lyrics that loosely translate to “They’ve arrested the satan. He is in PTA.”
But it was Anzani Matodzi who took the cake, Matodzi remixed Mlindo’s Amablesser.
Her Venda rendition tells the story of how the Prophet was nabbed by the Hawks.