King Monada raped me - victim 'Emma Siima Moetii' speaks out

King Monada raped me - victim 'Emma Siima Moetii' speaks out

A one Emma Siima Moeti took to facebook to lash out at King Monada accusing him of allegedly raping her.

According to the Emma's profile, she is from Ga-Mokopane in Limpopo.

Emma doesn't go much into detail on her facebook post, she just states that King Monada raped her and then adds a few emotional emojis namely a broken heart, a crying emoji and a sad emoji.

King Monada's fans quickly jumped to his defense with some saying King Monada should sue this girl for slander and defamation of character.

One angry facebook user said "rape is nothing to joke about you fool, some people actually go through this!"

Others clearly wanted to believe the little girl asking her more details as to when and how it happened.

Others just poked fun at her saying "it probably happened a idibadhe!" meaning it happened while you had fainted, and one user simply said "ono le malwedhe!" meaning you have diseases!

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