Former President Jacob Zuma has taken to Twitter to straighten things out.

Jacob Zuma
Former President Jacob Zuma has taken to Twitter to straighten things out.
The former president was recently criticised for his nine-year tenure.
Zuma has hit back, saying that it was not nine wasted years!
Zuma wrote a lengthy post about his tenure as president, asserting that all he has done and continues to do will be for the benefit of the African National Congress.

In the post he made a list of all the accomplishments his administration has achieved.
“When referring to the past decade as “wasted years” in this way, these critics saying so within the ANC might be quick to point out they are not only speaking about me,” Zuma said.
“They may even say they are pointing the finger at themselves, or at the movement in general, but I must still caution against this new trend, and not for my sake.”
Zuma mentioned that when he took office in 2007, he was faced with the scourge of HIV/Aids.
“Today, millions of lives have been saved and transformed and we no longer see and read about “Aids babies” who die before their fifth birthday,” he said.
“South Africa today has the biggest treatment programme in the world with more than 3.9 million people on treatment by August 2017.”
Zuma also said that under his administration, the life expectancy increased from 58.8 years in 2007 to 64.3 in 2015.
“We increased access to electricity, with many more households using electricity to cook. Access to sanitation improved. Many more households gained access to piped water,” Zuma continues.
“Our social grants programme was broadened to 17 million – a buffer against disaster for so many of our people.
“Government’s expanded school nutrition programmes in both primary and secondary schools now reach more than 9 million children every school day, most of them attending no-fee schools.”