ERNEST Machoba (52) from Orange Farm never believed in ancestors and sangomas until he got sick in 1999.
The father of two girls and one boy aged between 15 and 19 said he went to the clinic several times but he wasn’t healed until he went to a sangoma and was told that he had a calling.
But when he ignored his ancestors, he soon realised that their powers went further than he had guessed.
Not only did he lose his job, but they also denied him life’s pleasures when they locked his 4-5.
A sad Ernest said he believed it was a punishment sent by his ancestors for not obeying their wishes.
He said his 4-5 stopped working and was only good for peeing.
“I haven’t had sex for over 10 years now. I’ve tried everything but I don’t get any help.”
He said his wife left him soon after

“When I go to sangomas to consult they all tell me the same thing. Different prophets all say that I need to thwasa.
“I regret the time I’ve wasted and ignored my calling because now I have nothing and my ancestors have blocked everything.”
He said he feared going to a gobela without money because he would be forced to stay there until he paid.
“I am ready to thwasa and work for my ancestors. I had to learn the lesson the hard way,” said Ernest.
“I am appealing to all readers to help me go to thwasa. I hope a good Samaritan will help me.”
Family member Mutatshindi Mushe confirmed that Ernest had a calling.
He said: “We consulted different traditional healers and they all told us that Ernest would not succeed until he fulfilled his ancestors’ wishes.”
Traditional healer Mahlinzi Dlamini said Ernest had to buy a goat and apologise to his ancestors. “Once he does, he will get his job back and his 4-5 will start working again,” said Mahlinzi.