Watch: EFF leader 'Julius Malema' drunk failing to stand on his own - EFF/DA /ANC officials same script different cast

Video of Eff leader 'Julius Malema' drunk failing to stand on his own at Seshego - EFF/DA /ANC officials same WhatsApp group.
Pretoria – EFF lovely leader Julius Malema was caught up in a video where he appears to be very drunk and it looks like he is failing to stand on his own or maybe its a new dance move.
The Eff president Malema is known to harsh in his criticism of EFF/DA /ANC officials, calling them drunkards or alcoholics. Maybe this video is Malema's revenge.
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Julius Malema in 2015 once said Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande is no role model,“When Blade is drinking red wine we are distributing red T-shirts. We’re not drunk like (the) higher education minister,” he said.
Early this year Julis Malema called Bathabile Dlamini ‘Drunkard of the Nation’ which divided Twitter by the time.